Our Financial Planning Process

Our commitment to each of our clients is to provide objective financial guidance centered around our achieving a complete understanding of your goals and objectives.

Getting to know each other

Our relationship begins with us getting a sense of what you are looking for in a financial services firm. We gather information about your current financial status and what challenges and concerns you have. We like to listen and learn at this meeting. At this meeting, we answer any questions you have about The Ennis Company.

Your current financial picture

We build a net worth statement as a part of your financial plan which includes all of your assets: investments, bank accounts, real estate, and private investments. Having a picture of all of your assets is helpful to us in our planning process and hopefully beneficial for you to see your assets together in one place. We plug in your expenses, income, and then model performance of your assets to project cash flow out to retirement and beyond. We analyze your current investments for risk levels, performance, diversification, and fees.


We review your financial plan and our detailed analysis making specific planning and investment allocation recommendations. We then discuss our asset management philosophies and strategies and gain a mutual understanding of how decisions are made. We may also recommend collaboration with your other professionals (attorney and accountant) to make sure your documents are up to date and will manage your desired outcome for you and your family and minimize future tax liabilities. We believe that financial planning is a process, not a one-time event. We provide ongoing guidance as your circumstances change along with the markets and economy.

Getting started

If we mutually agree to move forward, we will prepare documents to transfer your accounts and guide you through the process. Our compensation is fee-based. You pay a percentage of the assets we manage for you. The percentage may decrease as the assets we manage for you increase. We believe you will find our fees competitive with other firms.

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