Corporate Retirement Plans

Having advised corporate retirement plans since the mid-1980s, Steve Ennis and The Ennis Company has the knowledge and experience to help retirement plan sponsors prudently navigate your complex fiduciary responsibilities. We are independent and objective as we recommend record keepers, third party administrators, and investment managers. We collaborate with your administrator, record keeper, and advisors to help create an optimally designed retirement plan for your company to recruit, retain, and reward your employees.

Perhaps most importantly, The Ennis Company will design and implement a plan to effectively communicate your company retirement plan and your goals to the participants. Effective communication and adherence to fiduciary practices help protect yourself from a fiduciary standpoint and ultimately provide a better experience for your employees.

The following are several services that we provide as part of our initial review of your plan and ongoing service:

  • Investment Policy Statement Assistance

  • Ongoing Investment Recommendations

  • Ongoing Investment Monitoring

  • Qualified Default Investment Alternative Assistance

  • Performance Reports

  • Service Provider Liaison

  • Participant Enrollment

  • Participant Education

  • Plan Search Support/Vendor Analysis

  • Benchmarking Services

  • Assistance Identifying Plan Fees

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